Cat pension kennels, Roquebrune-sur-Argens

cat kennel

A kennels that adapted for your cat at Roquebrune sur argens, between Cannes and St. Tropez.

(Toulon & Nice)

The cats can listen to music in both of our catteries!

What are the infrastructures to keep your cat?

We have at your disposition two catteries for the pension of your cats:

  • The first is composed of 9 individual boxes, an outside park 'de promenade 'and outside type aviaries.

The boxes are in a room heated during the winter and are divided into 3 floors.

  • the top floor is the 'bedroom'. We will install the sleeping needs of your cat (basket, cushion ,blanket)that you must bring with you.
  • the middle floor is the 'kitchen'. We will install the food bowls which we provide, one with water & another with food.(included)
  • the bottom floor is the 'toilet'. With the included litter bin and provided litter.

The walks are during the day in an 'aviary' directly connected to the room. The cats are able to find room to play with a large wooden frame that they can climb, find small hiding places and toys. Litter and water only are provided outside. No personal things or food to avoid conflicts.

This solution is advised for sociable cats.

In what conditions will my unsociable cat be kept?

The second is ideal for unsociable cats. It's made up of 12 boxes of different types and sizes.

Here there are 6 boxes with 2 isolated floors. Above we find the cats bed(to be provided by you),and food and drinks bowl(both provided by the pension).Below is the litter bin with our provided litter. These cats have no direct contact with their congeners.

6 boxes on 2 floors, 2 very big which could be for several cats of the same owner. This cattery does not have an adjacent park. It's the recommended solution to keep frightened or not very sociable cats.

Both of the catteries are heated during winter. The boxes are cleaned daily and disinfected after each departure.

We give as often as possible the affection and caress needed during their stay with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us or come and visit our kennel pension.


Access n Quartier du Blavet - Route de Marchandise 83520 ROQUEBRUNE-SUR-ARGENS